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Not submitted annual returns and did not take steps to renew the societies act with a view to dissolve societies act and merge it with

His own trust to capture the college and its properties.

Not taken any steps to develop the college. He was negligent in doing his duties which is evident by

1. Not taking steps to get the NAAC accreditation for the college years together

2. Not Obtaining the minority status of the college

3. Not Adhering to the requirements of the societies act

4. Not obtaining Tax exemption provisions for the college.

All what he did was to establish his position and try to lute the college property. Now he is furious as his plans disrupted inbetween. Truth will come out oneday. God is at work. He will not not give up his properties established by Dedicated missionaries.


Who appointed Mr.Chinnaraj Joseph?

Why he applied leave to Joint Director and Director.

Why he didn’t go to abroad?

Why he trespassed into Principal’s office in his leave days?

Is he is having rights to suspend officers?

Why he wanted to get relieved from societies act?

Why he used the students to guard the principals office by sitting inside the office? Why he threatened students who are not willing to guard his office saying that they will not be allowed to sit for exams

Why he spreads rumors about Bishop?

Is he is having evidence for all the rumors he scandalously spread about Bishop?

Why he is stealing the records from the college after his suspension?

Why he is threatening the staff and fourth class workers saying that he will suspend them, if not supporting him?

Is he ever used to come to church? Why he paid 18 months subscription to the church within a day?

Only 5 staff are supporting and spreading rumors for want of getting some higher posts.

Chinnaraj Joseph is a power monger who can go to any extreme in his rowdism as he is friendly with many antisocial elements. Many cases are pending on him. But all what he does cannot save him. He Is answerable for all what he did.

Alumni should be alert enough to understand the reality behind it. Ask for evidence for all his rumours. He cannot even produce one.


Staff and students

The American college



berty said...

dear so called alumni you are presenting facts that is clear but how are we to believe it? i for one am surprised because a true American College alumni will never hide nor be anonymous. He or she will boldy state what he believes in and will try to bring out the truth in any manner possible. If you were to reveal yourself we will have a little more crediblity and we might consider your facts seriously. I vouch for that

Nivedan said...

Well said, Berty!

Dear Mr.Disgusted Anonymous Alumnus,

If you are an alumnus, say boldly your name and proof so that we will think about what you are saying. You sound like an angry old man from the real estate camp. I can't get any logic from your accusations. And also if you are an alumnus, you don't speak like one. You speak as if you are in surveillance duty in front of the Principal's office and house 24 hours a day for more than a year. Your intention seems to be piling up a series of accusations against the principal. Sorry your presentation is very artificial. Better luck next time!

Robbie said...

Well said Guys.....

Robert said...

Iam also student of chinnaraj joseph, he never used to handle classes.
he is keen on conducting orchestras, flying abroad,
having parties and so on.No developments in his period of principalship, he never shows interest in the welfare of the college. i agree with you.

anu said...

mr.robert could u tell ur roll no if u r really an alumnus

berty said...

and what do you mean Staff, students and alumni? as you can see form the comments our camp seems to filled with them! please do show your strength.

and as for TCJ i haven't had the opportunity to study under him so am refraining from passing any comments. But all said and done i vehemently oppose the move by an association known for usurping power for financial gain to take over a illustrious educational institution. The man in question might have had his share of controversies during his tenure (doesn't everyone? human) but now when he stands up for the rights of teh studenst and the integrity of the college i support him!

peakay said...

enna aachchu courttu casu?

Albert Christopher said...

It looks funny. Why some one should be particular to stick on posts and positions? These Institutions are not instituted by individuals. The newspaper messages are confusing at times. It is clear that Mr.Joseph is keen to continue to be The Principal. Why? Is he the only person capable to build this college? If the management feels that he is not found fit, why not he give way for the next best leader and support him to do his best for the welfare of the society. Why to fight for powers and positions? Mr.Joseph may be a highly capable person. But, if his abilities are not approved by the Management, he must quit his position and keep away from controversy and conflict (it is good for the college and himself), if he is a good gentleman. It is better to be a good gentleman rather than a Power Monger Principal.

Berty, Nivedan - You are correct for asking identity. But, I feel the issue is more important here than the source. We share here our opinion based on the provided information. if you need further facts, you may ask for it and the concerned may provide it for you.

It looks funny Anu was demanding the roll number of Robert, as if she has some access to verify the individual's old records and validate his or Mr.Joseph's true picture. Let Anu respond to the issue concerned and not divert it to individuals.

I feel, the issue that is to be settled between two individuals got unsettled and the supporters glorified the conflict for vested interests and finally it is under the HIGH COURT. Peekay is right that we have to wait for the verdict by The High Court. Even if the verdict is given, I do not know the issue will be settled as long as there are power mongers moving with money and muscle power.

Babu said...

It is right to say that the American College issue is a matter between two or three individuals. Let the problem be settled soon. By settling the problem the image of the college can be regained. Let the teachers and alumni members need not get involved unnecessarily and magnify the problem. Let the problem makers think their (and the college's) past, present and future and decide their action.

The involvement of teachers and the alumni will lead to complication as vested interested individuals will take mileage of this crisis situation.

Babu said...

I am again moved to place my opinion about the happenings in The American College. I understood that the High Court has given their verdict infavour of the Bishop, The Governing Council Chairman and his decision. If so, why is Mr.Chinnaraj Joseph claiming himself as a Principal. As a law obedient person, let him clear his place and leave the college to run smoothly. Let his work hard as a Professor for the glory of the College and for the benefit of student community, if at all if has a real concern for The American College.

I feel, he is the person who is behind arranging hunger strikes and pasting notices in Madurai Town against the Bishop and the Government Officials. This is a cheap attitude and action that spoils the image of the college. If he is against this actions, he should put stop to the persons who are involved in this and place a complaint in the police station for spoiling the image of the institution.

The teachers and staff who are really committed for teaching are unnecessarily dragged in to this strikes. Let Dr.Joseph take action against those staff who attended the h.strikes and working against the college Management. It seems that Dr.Joseph is encouraging the teaching and non-teaching staff to actively participate in this unethical and unwanted events.

It is good that the staff and students not to get involved in these activities and instead, let them all work hard to the betterment of students. The heads of the institution may come and go. But, the vision of the Principal may stay long. Teachers and staff should work on the vision of the Head and should not work for the Head.

The Principal is the appointed person to run the college and staff are appointed to work for the students. It looks like that certain staff members including Prof.Seker is working for Dr.Chinnaraj Joseph.

My request is that teachers and students need not bother about this issue. Let Dr.Chinnaraj Joseph decide his path and work accordingly. If he wants to fight against the Governing Council or Bishop, let him do so. Or, if his interest is to serve for the student community, let him decide accordingly. The ultimate aim is not for position, but for service.
Every individual should keep this in mind and work accordingly. Positions are made or given to serve and not to retain it by yourself (like Politicians).

Hoping for a peaceful situation in the College soon.

someshs-team said...

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இது தெரிந்தும் அதற்கு துணை செல்லும் ஆசிரியர்கள் தங்களுடைய சுய லாபதிற்க்காகவே மாணவரகளைத் தூண்டி அவர்களின் வாழ்க்கையை கேள்வி குறியாக்கும் கேவலமான் செயலைச் செய்கிறார்கள் என்று நினைக்கத் தோன்றுகிறது.

மாணவர்களை நல்வழி படுத்த வேண்டிய முக்கிய பொறுப்பில் உள்ள ஆசிரியர்களே தங்கள் சுய லாபத்திற்காக இவ்வாறான தரக்குறைவான செயல்களில் ஈடுபடுவது அவமானமாகவும், மிகவும் வருத்தப்படவேண்டியதும், வன்மையாக கண்டிக்கபடவேண்டியதாகும்.

vinesh said...

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